Kora Wolf Bio


My name Is  Kora Wolf I am a Graphic Designer, Marketer, and Crafty Artisan. I have single handedly started this business and with your help we can make it known. Browse the selection, see all the fluffy goodness and hey maybe even send in a custom order so I can make your dreams come true!


I created this business as a way to make other peoples visions come to life. FurtasticTails is a business that makes tails and accessories just FUR you!

Email: furtastictails@yahoo.com

The Rave Scene


I got into the club scene in college, right around the time that I become infatuated with wearing tails. Loud ear banging base and fun wagging tails each give me such pleasure, I thought to myself why not combine the two? I began wearing tails to the raves, tails to the underground clubs, and soon it caught on. Now, by popular demand, we have FurtasticTails and Accessories.